Do not buy these 6 baby products , because it can be dangerous for the baby.

Along with the birth of the baby there are some things that must be kept in mind, because parents accidentally make some mistakes in their kidnappings that your little child has to suffer. Especially, those parents need to pay particular attention to these things, which are becoming the first time mother. In this case, some of the below baby products are being talked about, which is better not to buy, which includes the following.

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You probably do not know how accurate and wrong it is to give your child a walker. Because, some parents believe that by giving walkers, children learn to walk quickly and their feet muscles are strong. However, a research has revealed that children using walkers are not completely safe because they do not fit their balance in it, so that their risk of falling is always maintained.

On the other hand, according to a research in Child Safety Europe, it has come to light that baby walkers increase the walking speed of children to 1 meter per second. And secondly, the child is raised above the ground, so that he has a problem in feeling that he is walking or not. In fact, they put a real impact on the ability of the child to walk and put him in the wound condition. So avoid buying it.


Often you must have seen that the mother gets the pacificifier in her hand to calm her child, which is absolutely wrong. Because, because of this, children become calm, but what is the harm you do not know. The children who use pacifica are most prone to infections, because you do not wash them frequently and clean them. Not only this, the structure of milk teeth also worsens. They may also have vomiting, abdominal pain, diarrhea and respiratory infections.

However, if you want, you can catch your baby carrot, cucumber etc in its place. It can also relieve the pain of getting rid of teeth.

sippy cup

Most parents prefer to give Sippy Cup to their child for two reasons, one can drink water easily, and children of another do not take water out of their mouth. That’s because, this is exactly like a bottle. But, its biggest problem is that you can not clean it like bottle nipple. This is probably the reason that Sippy Cups can cause cavity in children, and later it can cause problems related to the tooth.

In this way, you get the habit of drinking your baby from the glass in the beginning. Although initially there is a problem in drinking it, but later he himself will learn himself.

Talking Toys

However, parents feel that music playing or talking toys help children to speak quickly, which is absolutely wrong. Because, it can slow down the delicate process of learning and understanding language in your young children. Because, in one research, it has come to the fore that when talking more and making noise, parents and children remain quiet and there is no exchange between words and children do not learn new words. Therefore, experts say that children should be given toys to learn new words.

Feeding bottle

The mother who is working, drinks milk from her bottle. But, when drinking milk, the air in the baby’s stomach increases due to which the baby’s stomachache can be painful. Not so much, there is a risk of infection with the bottle. However, if you use a bottle, then take special care to clean it so that it does not have any type of infection. Also, change it in 1 to 2 months, and always buy a good quality bottle.

Fancy clothes

Do not wear baby fancy clothes, because these clothes can cause the child to prick. Not only this, the excessive work and work clothes can cause baby allergic and rhesus problems. In such a situation, it is better that you wear a cotton cloth.