If You Want Success So it is important to listen to the Guru

Kabir Das ji has told the truth that guru bin is not knowledge, but guru bin milai na moses Guru Bin Lakhai Naa Satya Guru Gin Bhi Meite Naa Devi .. The position of a guru in Indian culture has always been high; this is the same country where Eklavya, who had cut his thumb and gave it to his master on the request of Guru Dronacharya. It is very difficult to achieve the success of a Guru, who teaches us well is our Guru, if there is something to do in life then it is necessary to follow the Guru’s say. The master is the guide, there is more opportunity without guru that we wander from our path. Often, in the vanity we reduce the importance of the master, and do not follow the words of the guru so today we will tell you a story in which the importance of the master has been told.

Story of the importance of Guru

Once a school teacher asks his disciples to give sunflower seeds and to plant and take care of his plant. All the disciples do not like this work much, but one of them discovers this work very cute and he eagerly sows these seeds and takes care of them for several days.

When the plant starts to grow then the boy loses his patience and goes to his teacher and says, can I overthrow this plant, the teacher tells his disciple that he should keep his plant and keep it It should be kept from it, it will only take many seeds from a sunflower. This makes the boy frustrated but keeps on looking after sunflowers, yet he is desperate to uproot it and asks for permission from his teacher to uproot it, despite this, the teacher asks him to keep restraint. But as soon as the first seed of sunflower comes out, the boy breaks the plant so that he can eat it but the plant is green now and the seed is not ripe, so he can not eat it. By which this boy destroys the plant. Thus, for the sunflower plant that he does so hard and takes care of it for many periods, he fails to accept his Guru’s instructions.

All the other disciples grow sunflower plants according to their teacher’s say. Seeing his colleagues’ huge sunflower plants, he is very angry and says to his teacher, I was most eager for this work, but ignoring all your sayings was a waste of my hard work and time. So from now on I will always keep patience in the work and I will follow whatever you said.

Knowing is one thing and to bring it into practice is an art called skill. For those who come to this art, all the hard work in life seems to be easy and success is in their stature. Knowledge is gained from experiences, achievements, failures, and therefore, knowledge should be acquired from any one. The person who gives you good knowledge is the place of that guru, his importance should be recognized by his knowledge and not his personal accomplishments. You should come to adopt knowledge and use it, then you will be able to achieve success.